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Preview Issue Page 17

Law and Order is another comic book idea we would love to get out there one day.  Read the description and enjoy Preview Issue page 17!


Preview Issue Page 16

This is HUD. He is a villain that will show up in issue 3 of the comic. Alex had fun designing him and he looks awesome. We also have some very cool news. The preview comic was reviewed on the Secret Identity podcast. You can download the podcast here. Secret Identity Episode 275


Preview Issue Page 15

Bonus Friday!! Here is the next page in the preview comic issue. Enjoy!


Preview Issue Page 14

Here is the next page from the preview comic. It shows Nick, Liz, Pops, and Gramps.  Nick (Ski) and Liz have already been introduced in the issue. Frank and Alphonse will be showing up on the next two pages of the issue one. I’ll be posting these preview issue pages on Tuesdays and Fridays until …

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Preview Issue Page 13

Here is the next page in the preview issue. These were sketches of some alternate covers for the book. Enjoy.

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