Issue 1 Page 3

As promised, here is page 3 of Brass Falcon.  We will be updating the site with a new page every Tuesday.  Please leave a comment so we can get some opinions on the book so far.  Thank you for checking us out and be sure to donate if you are interested in getting the special NYCC first printing of the comic book.

** Update ** – The page is now in color!!


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    Tony says:

    Great stuff. I put this my RSS feed so I’ll see you every Tuesday.

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      Craig says:

      Thanks Tony. I’m glad you like it so far. It’s going to get even better!

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    Alex says:

    Tony! Thanks for checking out Brass Falcon. Your Endstone comic was one of the inspirations to go with a webcomic as a precursor to hardcopy. I’m glad you’re diggin’ it. 🙂

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