Issue 1 Page 5

Page 5 is here.  The comic is coming along nicely, although we have some crazy aggressive deadlines to hit in order to make New York Comic Con.

Thanks as always for everyone’s support.  Please let us know what you think of the comic by leaving a comment.

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    Alex says:

    Artist’s comment:

    I think I’m finally getting comfortable with inking these pages and I feel it shows on this latest page. This one had fewer errors than previous pages. I’m particularly pleased with panel 5, though the cape muddies up the action a bit (color will fix that, but it annoys me now). The general’s hand in panel 6 is poop, but Craig covered it nicely. It was a real detractor for the page, and while it made his reaction to his merchandise being destroyed more vicious, it really made the panel and page look poor.

    I have to thank Simone Guglielmini (Caimano on Penciljack) and Loston Wallace (Bruce Lee on Penciljack) for helping me with lighting and inking knowledge over the past year. I was a pretty abysmal inker and they’ve made me into a slightly less than abysmal inker. 🙂 Thanks guys.

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