Issue 1 Page 6

It’s Tuesday!!  You know what that means…. Here is the brand spanking new Brass Falcon comic book page!
Page 6 continues the great action sequence.  As you can see, things are going to heat up even more for our hero.
As always, thank you so very much for all of the support so far.  Please leave us some comments on the pages.  We appreciate any and all comments and critiques.  That’s the only way we will know how to get better.  Enjoy the page.


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    Suzanne Williamson says:

    This page is really very effective and full of acton. Falcon is fearless and powerful bird, it will distroy everything on his path. Bravo Alex and Craig.

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    Alex and Craig enjoy yourselve you deserve it. I love you guys says:

    I am really proug of you my boys keep the good work. Love you Suzanne

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