Issue 1 Page 8

Here it is!  Page 8 of Brass Falcon.  The comic book is coming along.  Much slower than we had hoped, but it is coming along.  We will not have the full issue done in time for New York Comic-Con.  But fear not comic fans…. We have come up with a plan for a special preview issue.  It will contain the first 9 pages.  It will also have a pull-out poster of the full color cover. (We will be putting that on the site just before Comic-Con so you can see it in all it’s full color glory.)  The preview book will also be full of concept sketches of the characters from the book.  Everyone that donated will still get this special preview issue, as promised.  We’ve also got another surprise in store for everyone that donates as well.  We will let that information out soon enough.  For now, enjoy page 8!  Let us know what you think.

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