Sketch Number One

Here is the first in the sketch series that our donators received along with their Preview Issue.  I’m sure we will do something similar when we are ready to print Issue One, so don’t fret if you didn’t get one.  Enjoy!  


Website update

I know it has been a while since our last update, so I figured it was time to reach out and let everyone know how things are going. First off, how does everyone like the new website?  It should make the comic easier to follow.  I’m sure we’ll be tweaking colors and stuff here and …

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Issue One Page 17

Page 17 of Brass Falcon.  You get to see Vinny’s hideout.  General Nimbosa and Vinny are up to no good and they are dragging Joe and Nick down with them.


Issue One Page 16

Thanks for your patience everyone. Here is page 16 of Brass Falcon issue One.  Luckily page 17 should be up next week, so you will have your regularly scheduled fix.  Enjoy.


Issue One Page 15

Page 15.  It looks great.  This page wraps up our look into Sun City Police HQ.  You think Jimmy is a little ticked off?

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